BYUMS Moral and Ethical Leadership Podcast: Dr. Amos C. Brown, Scholar, Theologian, Preacher, and Social Activist

With such challenging times we're living in, we wanted to post weekly uplifting content to get your day (and week) headed in the right direction.  The BYU Management Society Salt Lake Chapter has the amazing opportunity to speak regularly with not only incredible, accomplished guests, but also ones that edify and inspire.  Take a few minutes to listen: you'll be glad you did (you can hear the podcast here or on any podcast platform, including Apple, Spotify, Alexa; just about anywhere you search for "Moral and Ethical Leadership Podcast").   Also, please Like/Comment/Share on your own social media platforms - if you feel so inclined - so others can hear things like how Donny Osmond gained his own testimony and what he would teach in his master class (with amazing guest interviewer Jim Ferrell), how Reverend Amos Brown of the NAACP talks about his "brother from another mother" President Russell M Nelson, how Noelle Pikus Pace overcame a broken leg to win the Olympic Silver Medal, how Ann Romney dealt with depression after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, how Pastor Derwin Gray discusses how we should love people and use things instead of the other way around, Governor Spencer Cox's favorite church calling, Steve Young and his four incredible pillars, with wonderful guest interviewers Chad Lewis and Sean Reyes, Davis Smith's story of helping the downtrodden and his inspiration for Cotopaxi, Jeremy and Kristin Andrus on raising a big family and leading a huge company, how Brother Brad Wilcox of the General Young Men Presidency recommends we find happiness, and so many more (including our very own Tom Holmoe, Kalani Sitake, Mark Pope, Greg Wrubell, and Dean Bridgitte Madrian)! 

Our latest episode is with: Reverend Amos Brown, Pastor Third Baptist Church

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