Growing Moral and Ethical Leadership around the World.



We believe that there are millions of individuals throughout the world who embrace ethical conduct and are concerned about the negative trends they see. We believe they would welcome an opportunity to associate with an institution that could:

Therefore, we seek to envision, create and sustain an organizational structure that meets that need. We likewise seek to affiliate with individuals and institutions that can accelerate our ability to fulfill our vision.


Value Proposition

The BYU Management Society accelerates the ability of principled individuals and institutions to advance their careers, expand their sphere of influence, build meaningful relationships, and positively impact moral and ethical standards locally and globally.


Impact Statement

 We Seek To:


Elevator Speech

 What is the BYU Management Society?

We are a global organization associated with the BYU Marriott School of business that provides our members four opportunities:

  1. Accelerate your ability to develop deep relationships with other professionals and advance your career
  2. Give you access to quality personal, professional, and leadership development experiences
  3. Mentor students and young professionals
  4. Promote standards of moral and ethical leadership



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