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23 lip 2024

Free Event

The Power of Self-Belief

Join us for an inspiring webinar with Terrence Okeke Taylor as he explores the transformative power of self-belief. Drawing on his extensive experience in leadership development and personal mastery, Terrence will share insights and strategies to help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

The BYU Management Society Africa Region is the main chapter that all the chapters in the Africa region are under.

The Africa Region focuses on leadership & professional development. Events are held virtually so that anyone in Africa can participate.

Additionally, we have many country-specific chapters in Africa that host their events from time to time. You can click on the chapter page links below to join a chapter and be made aware of any upcoming events. If you don’t see your country listed and are interested in helping to start a chapter in your country, please reach out to us at management_society@byu.edu. 


We have developed this "One Africa" web page to help you grow day by day and achieve your highest potential. In his book, "The World is Flat", Thomas L. Friedman analyzed globalization and suggested the world has a more level playing field for commerce (except for labor), to have equal opportunity. The BYU-Management Society is committed to helping you improve your opportunities. We believe in the saying, "There are dozens of rules for success, but none of them work, unless you do!"

If you don't access these resources, they cannot help you. However, if you utilize these resources, they WILL help you. Please prayerfully consider how to leverage these resources to accelerate your career.

Resource Document

Click here to view the Africa Region's "Skill Development Resources and Career Opportunities in Africa." This document highlights valuable sources for personal and professional growth and partner organizations of the BYU Management Society; it will be updated occasionally.

Work Readiness Guide

The Work Readiness Guide covers areas on attitudes, behavior, soft skills, and professional skills a learner needs to know to enhance their current job or before entering a new job. It includes impactful short videos that you should watch and note key principles to enhance your professionalism and ability to make money. This document is not a job search file, but it will help you prepare yourself for better opportunities in life.

Learn from Professionals

Click here to read a bio and watch a short informational interview with a seasoned professional. These successful men and women from the U.S. and Africa share their career paths and advice about how to become successful in a particular career.

Career Development Webinars

The BYU-Management Society Africa Region will be co-hosting Career Development Webinars with the Skep Foundation. The purpose of these webinars is to provide you access to accomplished professionals on a range of topics (e.g. digital/virtual jobs, human capital development, etc.). Presenters will come from both Africa and America and you will gain industry insights and tips for excelling in specific disciplines. In addition to the webinars, we are exploring ways to create networking communities with increased exposure to employers.

Latest Webinar

On 25th June, we had the pleasure of hosting an insightful webinar titled "Harnessing AI for Business Growth" featuring Adriano Carneiro, the CEO and Founder of Mentorius. This engaging session delved into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business landscape, offering practical strategies and expert insights to drive business success. watch this past webinar. Click here

Past Webinars

This webinar features Danny Brock, BYU-Hawaii's University Chaplain. Danny discusses his role in managing student mentors, assisting with internships, and his advisory board work with the Salvation Army. Learn about his 27-year tenure as Senior Vice President at Aladdin Industries, his development of the Business Partnership program for Deseret Industries, and his extensive leadership roles within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Danny also shares insights into his family life and personal interests and how to prepare for a job interview. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by his journey in leadership, faith, and community service watch this past webinar. Click here

Discover how to thrive in today's dynamic world by developing a change-oriented mindset. This webinar will provide you with valuable strategies to adapt and excel in your career. Watch our guest speaker, Joseph Kaluba, as he discusses the insightful topic, "Developing a Change-Oriented Mindset. Click here

Explore the future of education with AI-driven insights and revolutionize your learning journey. This webinar will inform you of the best practices to follow to learn and retain knowledge. Watch our guest speaker, Dr. John W. Mitchell, on his dynamic topic, 'Learning How to Learn With an AI Focus. Click here

Unlock the secrets of exceptional UX design with Christopher McConkie. Elevate your skills and captivate your audience. Watch the recorded video now! Click here 

Discover strategies to amplify your small business's growth with Dr. Exodus Esuku in our exclusive webinar on "How to Grow a Small Business." Watch: Click here

Beyond Boundaries: My Story - Speaker: Seth Ogoe Ayim - Global Project Manager at Fairtrade International & BYUMS Africa Regional Director. Watch:  Click here

Project Management featuring Guest speaker Franz Busse, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Hala Systems. Watch:  Click here

How to get a virtual job in America - Stephane Akoki ( Senior Project Manager - Lucid Software) Watch: Click here

Business Plan Competitions 

The BYU Management Society (BYUMS) recognizes the importance of Business Plan Competitions (BPC) as a vehicle to accelerate growth opportunities in developing countries. During the summer of 2024, the BYUMS is co-hosting a BPC with BYU-Pathway in Africa. Since 2024 is a pilot year, BYU-Pathway has identified students who have completed or are in the process of earning entrepreneurial certifications. Selected applicants will go through a series of competitions and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners by August 31, 2024. We are starting with a pilot in 2024 due to the sheer size of Africa. We hope to learn and develop best practices that will allow us to expand the BPC in the summer of 2025.

Resources for Entrepreneurs 

For a list of resources for entrepreneurs, click here.

Partner Organizations

  • Launching Leaders 

• Launching Leaders is an online course, designed to help you improve your life. It focuses on personal development and leadership principles, powered by faith. Topics include identifying your core values, planning your life, and effective mentorship.

• There is no charge for the course.

• The course lasts for 5 weeks during which you cover one chapter of the materials each week.

• In summary, the total time required for the course is 15 hours over a 5-week period. Participants who attend each of the gathering meetings and do the assignments will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Launching Leaders organization.

• Launching Leaders courses will be offered periodically throughout the year. If one is not scheduled and you’d like to participate, please email us at management_society@byu.edu to let us know of your interest and what country you live in.

  • Skep Foundation 
Skep’s mission is to empower Africans to secure global jobs. They do this by focusing on three operational pillars: increasing digital skill capacity, connecting talent to the market, and fostering entrepreneurship. You can find out more by visiting their website at skepfoundation.org
  • Interweave Solutions -
 Master of Business in the Streets (Level 1-MBS) is a free online or in-person course used to help you start a small business or improve the operations of a business you have already started. For additional information on taking the Masters of Business in the Streets courses, please visit https://www.interweavesolutions.org/mbs/

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Free Event

Harnessing AI for Business Growth

Free Event

Join Us for an Inspiring Webinar with Danny Brock!

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Developing a Change-Oriented Mindset

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Launching Leaders Online Course