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The BYU MS Asia Region is the main chapter where all the BYU MS chapters in the Asia Region are under. We encourage all in the Asia area to join and participate in their local BYU MS Chapter. The BYU Management Society is an inclusive organization. You do not need to be a BYU Alumni to join or participate with us.

The BYU MS Asia region has several things that we focus on such as:

BYU MS Asia Annual Conference - Each spring the BYU MS will host their Annual BYU MS Annual Conference. A different BYU MS Asia Region Chapter will host the conference each year. This year the Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on May 22nd and 23rd, 2019.  For more information on the conference please see our event page on this website,

The Challenge - Area Wide Business Plan Competition - In conjunction with the BYU MS Asia Annual Conference we have the finals for the Area Wide Business Plan Competition. Everyone in the area is encouraged to participate. For more rules and regulations on The Challenge, please see the Business Plan Competition page on this website.

Home-base Business - In our area, there is a need for additional training for a home-based business. This affects mainly women who need to help support their families but also need to be home to attend to their children. The BYU MS Asia is looking to support these home-based or small business enterprises through not only our business plan competition but also by offering additional mentoring and training.  Please see our page on this website for more information and support for home-based businesses.  

Coming Home - BYU MS Asia has a focus to encourage and help BYU, BYU H, BYU I and other foreign students to fully live up to their commitment to return to their home country to work after they have completed their educational pursuits in the United States or another country. We do this through mentoring and networking to try to help them find suitable jobs in their chosen fields in their home countries.  Please see our page on this for more information.  

To support all these initiatives the BYU MS Asia needs to have funds. All funds donated through BYU for the Asia area will be distributed through the area to help with these initiatives. 

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Moral and Ethical Leadership With Dr Brad Agle BYU MS Marriott School

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Coming Home

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