Downtown Lunch with Brigitte Madrian, Dean of the BYU Marrriot School of Business

Jun 3, 2020, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Choice Architecture and Ethical Behavior. Drawing on her expertise as a behavioral economist, Dean Madrian will discuss how the design of the environment in which decisions are made (choice architecture) impacts ethical behavior in variety of different business and policy relevant domains.

About this event

Brigitte C. Madrian is the Dean and Marriott Distinguished Professor at the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business. She has a joint appointment in the Department of Finance and the George W. Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics. Before coming to BYU, she was on the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School (2006-2018), the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School (2003-2006), the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (1995-2003), and the Harvard University Economics Department (1993-1995). She is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and served as co-director of the NBER Household Finance working group from 2010-2018.

Dr. Madrian’s current research focuses on behavioral economics and household finance, with a particular focus on household saving and investment behavior. Her work in this area has impacted the design of employer-sponsored savings plans in the U.S. and has influenced pension reform legislation in the U.S. and abroad. She also uses the lens of behavioral economics to understand health behaviors and improve health outcomes.

Dr. Madrian received her Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and studied economics as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University. She is a recipient of the Skandia Research Prize for outstanding research on “Long-Term Savings” with relevance for banking, insurance, and financial services (2019) and the Retirement Income Industry Association Achievement in Applied Retirement Research Award (2015). She is a three-time recipient of the TIAA Paul A. Samuelson Award for Scholarly Research on Lifelong Financial Security (2002, 2011 and 2017).


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