Lexington Evening Thu Mar 10 with Laura F White: Challenge and Opportunities of Infectious Disease

Mar 11, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the first nor the last pandemic. Laura will tell how she ended up being a biostatistician. She'll update us on the pandemic and put it in the context of infectious disease generally and tell us what to expect in coming years.

About this event

In this talk, Laura will tell us of her career path as a biostatistician, including knowing nothing about biostatistics or what a PhD is to managing to get a PhD in biostatistics. She will talk about the current state of the pandemic and state of scientific progress in combating COVID-19. She'll review the history of infectious diseases and exciting progress we have made in decreasing the burden of infectious diseases in society. In spite this progress, and even before the current pandemic, infectious diseases remain a significant challenge. The  pandemic has only made this more apparent. 


  • Laura F White

    Boston University

    Professor of Biostatistics,


  • Michael Ballard

    CCS Growth Partners

    Sr. Managing Partner


  • Matthew Probst


    Vice President of Technology


  • Matthew Probst


    Board Member, BYU MS Boston Chapter

  • James Johnston

    Johnston Co.

    President, BYU MS Boston Chapter

  • Stephen Patterson


    Board Member, BYU MS Boston Chapter

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