Mental Health Entrepreneurs: The Launch of a New BYUMS Working Group:

Feb 11, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

Participate in this Zoom meeting if you would like to know about our newest Working Group, this one for social workers and therapists who have or would like to have a private practice. Porter Charles and Jim Johnston are the initial organizers. This group will follow the pattern of others already organized, such as Career Navigators, Life Sciences Entrepreneurs, and the Business Scaling Group,

About this event

The Boston Chapter of BYU Management Society organizes Working Groups. This meeting is an introduction  for all who might be interested in joining our newest Group.

Mental Health Entrepreneurs Group

Do you have or are you interested in having a private practice in the next two years? Do you want to CREATE change in the social work and mental health field while Increasing your income? Then this group is for you!

Once a month, we will meet and support each other in building a successful private practice no matter how big or small. We’ll focus on both learning and doing. We want this group to be a place where we can be vulnerable and real about our struggles and triumphs. So, yes, some slight group therapy vibes.

In our first meeting (think of it as an intake session for the group) we will hash out the details, determine our needs and the group rules. The Boston Chapter has members in many career paths. They will be willing to support us, from accounting and business management to human resources—you name it! Please register and attend. For more information ahead of time, email Porter Charles ( or Jim Johnston (

Note: Mental Health Entrepreneurs is sponsored by the BYU Management Society’s Boston Chapter. Although affiliated with BYU, it is not a religious group. The group welcomes those who agree to the group norms ( be candid, open and vulnerable; listen deeply; commit to coming to every meeting; and work on making real progress toward your stated goals). We welcome people of any background, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation and identity, and of any or no religion. 


  • James Cannon Johnston

    Johnston Co.


  • Porter Charles, LCSW


  • Matt Probst



  • Matthew Probst


    Board Member, BYU MS Boston Chapter

  • James Johnston

    Johnston Co.

    President, BYU MS Boston Chapter

  • Stephen Patterson


    Board Member, BYU MS Boston Chapter

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