Ethics in Scientific Breakthroughs: Behind the Scenes of Scientific Research (Webinar)

Nov 13, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

**Event recording here: ** Join us in welcoming Aaron Franklin, a scientist and engineering professor from Duke University who will discuss the underlying role of ethics in the scientific breakthroughs you hear about in the mainstream media.

About this event

When you hear about a major scientific discovery or innovation – cure for cancer, smartphone battery that will last a month, flying cars – what is your take? Do you mark your internal calendar to set expectation of delivery based on what is reported? If so, have the history of such promises typically materialized? Behind every scientific breakthrough that makes its way to the mass media is a complex landscape of ethical decision points. Would awareness of the underlying ethics of what scientists study, discover, and communicate improve your ability to judge the value of reported breakthroughs? Is the journey from lab bench to frontpage media intrinsically flawed, or just occasionally hijacked by bad actors? This talk will explore these questions for the sake of discussion and to offer some perspective; after all, lessons in ethical leadership from scientific research have strong relevance in the business world, and vice versa.


  • Aaron D. Franklin

    Duke University

    Addy Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Chemistry


  • Gina Pomar

    BYU Management Society

    Associate Executive Director

  • Manzi Musinguzi

    Program Assistant

  • Savannah Williams

    Program Assistant

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