.The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility with Marilyn Gist, PhD

Fri, May 21, 10:00 AM (MDT)

About this event

This webinar will feature a new model of leadership that is rooted in humility and having a deep regard for others’ dignity. During such uncertain and historic times, this approach to leadership provides a pathway for business, community, and civic leaders to understand how to take their organizations to the next level. It has strong implications for diversity efforts, consensus building, and improving employee engagement. Attendees will learn why humility is a core component of organizational success, how existing C-suite leaders have employed this model in their own leadership rising to success to in their own industries despite insurmountable odds.


• Recognize the key attributes of leading with humility

• Understand the power of relationships in your leadership

• Learn how principles of humility can help you move from sidelines to center stage

• Gain insight into your own leadership practices and behaviors

• Learn how to score and analyze your own leader humility to become a leader everyone admires

• Identify ways to harness exceptional power to produce great organizational results

• Learn how to cultivate greater enthusiasm and engagement in your own team


  • Marilyn Gist, PhD

    Marilyn Gist, PhD

    Marilyn has extensively studied why leader humility is the essential foundation of all healthy organizations and validated her work with interviews of prominent CEOs of companies ranging from the Mayo Clinic and Ford to Starbucks and Costco. She adds value through ground-breaking insight: the six keys required for leaders to work together well with all stakeholders. According to Marshall Gold...

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