Launching Leaders

Jun 7, 2021, 5:00 PM – Nov 28, 2021, 9:00 PM

A new empowering journey. A free set of courses mentored by Fabrizio Ricciardi. THE ESSENTIALS 5 classes OPTIONAL ADVANCED TOPICS 6 classes Identify your core values, make a plan for life, & find mentors to help you. Learn how to lead yourself, take hold of what’s really important to you. Pull it all together by applying the formula for success and happiness. 3 WAYS TO CREATE YOUR FUTURE

About this event

"I am excited to start a program of mentoring in the UK. I feel that the Lord expects us to give back in someform what He has so abundantly given us.

This Launching Leaders program is what we need to help and support the rising generation as well as the older onesin achieving the best self on both a spiritual and temporal level.

I have gone through the course myself to test its efficacy and value and the outcome has been overly positive.Ideally, my vision is that all the chapters will have a group running regularly in the future. 

I envision that this program will help many to improve their spiritual and temporal lives, as Leighton as so well anticipated, and become even better instruments in the hands of God to do much good". Fabrizio Riccardi

An empowering journey for a new generation



Identify your core values, make a plan for your life, and find mentors to help you. Learn how to lead yourself, taking a hold of what’s really important to you. Pull it all together by applying the formula for success and happiness.

1. Introductory class - Learn about the principles taught in Launching Leaders that leads to a holistic life. Begin the process of finding & adopting mentors.

2. Taking control of your life - Learn the cycle of spiritual guidance & develop your core values. This will be the basis of your decision-making.  

3.  Mentors & mentoring - No one succeeds alone. We all need mentors & need to become mentors. Mentors are your bridge to success.                                                                                        

4. Charting your course - Develop a plan for your life. Create your choices, make your choices & chart your course.     

5. The Formula - Launching leaders, inspiring & powerful 6 steps to success & happiness.


Learn specific principles and skills that will help you accomplish your plan for your life. Pick one, two, or whatever topics you need to take the next steps in your plan.

6. Beware of the double life - Compartmentalization of your life doesn't work. It wasn't meant to. Learn how to have a congruent life.

7. Habits of success - Good habits build character & bad habits destroy them.  

8. Financial fitness - Become self reliant & take even more control of your life. 

9. Rise above & make a difference - Learn how to thrive & not just survive. Live in to your purpose. Maximise your potential.            

10. The power of story - Learn the 5 keys to become a great storyteller.    

11. Giving back - Paying it forward can be in time, effort or money. Learn how to give back on a daily basis. Make it a core value.  

12. Onward - Stand up for the principles taught in this course. See how you have changed. Now live what you know.

COMPLETE EXPERIENCE CLASSES: of all 1 - 12 classes above

Jump in and take the full Launching Leaders course. Dedicate yourself to the whole experience & learn how thousands have opened doors to a life of fulfilment and forward progress.

"Launching Leaders is a potential life solution, but also a potential first step to moving to a potential Pathway course, then onwards if appropriate to possibility of a BYU-Idaho university degree course. Thousands have benefited from these programmes.

I have had an employee who did part of this path and now doing the BYU-Idaho portion. I have found it valuable to my company in addition to his own personal progress to have these in his life". - Leighton Bascom

Please let me know if you would like to take part in any of these on line courses asap & we will arrange the dates for you.


Ross Pooley

President BYUMS Leeds chapter                                                                                                                                                                                           


  • Fabrizio Ricciardi

    BYUMS - UK



June 7 – November 28, 2021
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM UTC


  • Ross Pooley

    BYUMS Leeds Chapter President

  • Leighton Bascom

    BYUMS UK Leadership and Chapter Adviser

  • Ray Cummins

    Vice President

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