Your Family's Digital Safety

Oct 15, 2020, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

How to Manage Access, Monitoring and Filtering

About this event

Navigating change in 2020 can be challenging. Whether your children are attending school in-person, virtually, being homeschooled, or are not yet school-aged, we want to help you in your effort to promote online safety in your home.

Join us as we investigate topics such as managing screen time, setting parental controls, information on apps or websites, and more!

Our speaker is Jeff Tutton, a network security expert with years of experience. He will share practical advice and tools for setting appropriate limits at home with the goal of helping children access the benefits of technology while protecting from its potential harms. He will be joined by Craig Streiff and Rich Kettley to discuss different (practical) tools they are implementing, and modifying, on a regular basis to keep those they care about safe.


  • Jeff Tutton

    Intersec Worldwide


  • Craig Streiff

    J.S. Held LLC

    Senior Vice President

  • Rich Kettley

    WestPac Wealth Partners

    Vice President of Marketing & Training


  • Rich Kettley

    WestPac Wealth Partners

    Chapter President

  • Mary Carlston

    Board Member

  • Bordy Foy

    Board Member

  • Douglas Higham, Jr.

    Past President


    Board Member

  • John Rowberry

    Board Member

  • Scott Jones

    Wright Engineers

    Past President

  • Paige Burch

    Marketing Director

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