Downtown Lunch Oct 5, 2022 with Joseph Sowa, Composer and Founder

U.S. - Boston
Wed, Oct 5, 2022, 12:00 PM (EDT)

Whether it's your inner artist or your inner entrepreneur you want to discover and nourish, Joseph Sowa can touch and inspire you. He is a composer and online course creator. In 2021, he founded the Wizarding School for Composers, a live, online program for adult learners. He earned his Ph.D. in music composition and theory from Brandeis in 2019. He specialty? Creating goosebumps!

About this event

Joseph Sowa says:

"When I started college almost 20 years ago, my goal was to get a tenure-track professorship in composition at a university. Since finishing my Ph.D. in 2019, I haven’t just been applying for those jobs. While jumping through the academic job hunt hoops, I also made my own teaching position. I started the “Wizarding School for Composers” in 2021 to teach composition to adult learners. A live, online program, the Wizarding School is essentially a graduate-level course in composition. Over the past two years, launching and running my program has been an incredible, challenging learning experience that has fundamentally shifted how I think about the business side of both the educational and arts sectors. In my talk, I’ll share my personal journey and the lessons learned."



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