Expertise, the Foundation of a Successful Career and a High Performing Organization

Apr 25, 11:30 PM – Apr 26, 12:30 AM

Join Alan Berrey as he explores the crucial role of experts in organizations. Learn how they drive success, the importance of developing master performers, and why companies often overlook this. Alan provides insights on creating more experts and the tools leaders need to support them. Discover how to leverage expertise for organizational and individual growth.

About this event

Subject matter experts are the most important members of any organization—period. They establish vision, forge paths, create products, solve problems, sell customers, define policies, and cure ailments. Companies cannot prosper without them. Experts influence decision making and make disproportionately large contributions, but few companies develop them proactively. Typically, companies leave expert effectiveness to chance. Yet, most people know:

• To prosper in your career, you need to become an expert, and

• To improve company performance, they need to create more experts.

In this session Alan highlights the remarkable contribution of experts and how they influence customers and colleagues. He outlines the standards of expertise and provides the tools leaders need to define, develop, and support the master performers in their companies. Alan explains why companies should develop more experts and how it is done.


  • Alan Berrey

    Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

    Vistage Chair



April 25 – 26, 2024
11:30 PM – 12:30 AM UTC


  • James Cannon Johnston

    Johnston Co.



  • Matthew Probst


    Board Member, BYU MS Boston Chapter

  • James Johnston

    Johnston Co.

    President, BYU MS Boston Chapter

  • Stephen Patterson


    Board Member, BYU MS Boston Chapter

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