Lunch Series: How to Create a Competitive Resume

Sep 8, 2021, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Helen Horton, expert Resume Writer and Career Advisor, will discuss how to create a competitive resume that sets you apart and helps you land interviews. Helen will address common resume questions regarding resume length and style, how to manage career gaps, the difference between professional and executive resumes and more.

About this event

Speaker Bio:

Helen Horton, CPRW, is a Resume Writer, Career Advisor, and Interview Coach with 22 years of experience helping people land jobs. She spent 11 years as a strategic Director of HR, 8 at a Fortune 100, focused on Talent Acquisition and Performance Management.

An entrepreneur, Helen started and has grown 2 businesses, advising executives teams on hiring and promoting the right people. She trained senior leaders and recruiters to effectively screen candidates using hiring assessments and applicant tracking systems. A trusted advisor, her clients saved millions in early hire failure and turnover costs, elevating productivity.

Helen helps people find jobs with results-based resumes, upgraded LinkedIn profiles, and strategic cover letters. She also facilitates individual coaching, group seminars, and workshops. She is the Founder and CEO of Thunder Resume LLC at Helen served on the BYU Management Society DC Chapter Executive Committee for 2 years from 2015-2017.


  • Helen Horton

    Thunder Resume LLC

    Founder and CEO


  • Lauren Alston

    Chapter President

  • Joel Cundick

    Savant Wealth Management

    Past President

  • Mark Dickson

    Tyndale Investments, LLC


  • Bradley Anderson

    Blackspoke - Intelligence Community

    Scholarships Co-Chair

  • Shauna Hill


  • Micaela Sierra

    Communications Chair

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    Communications Chair

  • Keri Hatch

    Scholarships Co-Chair

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