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LDS Business Forum - UK & Ireland - Zoom Networking Event - 7:30PM Tuesday, 21 November 2023

Free Event

London Chapter - Lunch Get Together - Thursday, 19 October, 12-2PM - Finsbury Square EC2A

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BYUMS UK National Networking Event (Virtual)

Free Event

BYUMS - UK and EUROPE CONFERENCE 2023, Sat. 10th June, Hyde Park Chapel, London


Leighton Bascom

London Past President & outgoing BYUMS UK Director

John Deighton

Chapter Leader

Fabrizio Ricciardi

BYUMS-UK National Mentor Leader

Leighton Bascom (London)

Chapter Leader

Claire 'Fairy' Colston

Author | Coach | Speaker & Nation'l BYUMS-UK Media

Sam Spoors

BYUMS-UK National Young Professionals Leader

Ross Pooley

BYUMS Leeds Ch. Pres. & BYUMS-UK Pathway Support

Janet Theodore

BYUMS-UK Women's Forum Leader

Gerard Neu

London Chapter - President and BYUMS-UK Director
Onfido Ltd

Fiona Smith

BYU Alumni Ad Hoc Committee Member

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