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Social Media Guidelines

BYU Alumni and external relations maintains and promotes participation on social media profiles and platforms with the following purposes:


Additionally, we hope our efforts will assist the university’s sponsor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in building the kingdom of God and bringing people to Christ.


Approval for Creating Accounts

Social media accounts/profiles may be set up by authorized BYU Management Society Chapters and may use the BYU name and likeness on these accounts. “BYU Management Society” should be used in the name of the account/profile.


Account Setup

BYU Management Society Chapter leaders should follow the steps below when setting up a new social media account/profile:

  1. Control and accountability should reside with the current leadership (the Chapter Chair and/or Vice Chair of Social Media): account login and password should be given to the Chapter Chair and it should be checked regularly. Comments or posts deemed to be inappropriate should be removed or hidden.
  2. Presence of branding elements: BYU Alumni Office can provide a branded image that can include the Chapter name, to be used as the profile image/avatar on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram. Contact the Alumni office (via Facebook @BYUAlumni) for recommendations.
    • Preferred naming of profile: “BYU Management Society [San Diego] Chapter”
  3. Link back to byums.byu.edu: Social media, like Facebook, is simply another communication tool. Make this clear through profile information and descriptions by connecting users to where there might be more information online.


Appropriate Content & Guidelines

Those responsible for adding content and responding to posts on the accounts/profiles represent the Chapter and the university. It is important to exercise proper digital citizenship. Use the following guidelines when posting content. Content that falls outside of these boundaries will be moderated and accounts should be blocked or removed.


Facebook/Instagram Posting Tips