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Who are We?

Established in 2012, BYUMS Taiwan seeks to build and enhance a business community upholding high ethical and professional standards. We do so through networking, organizing professional exchanges, assisting BYU graduates, and providing community and charitable service


To build a strong business community with high moral and ethical standards in Taiwan and throughout Asia for the development of local and expat business professionals

Career Development
Upgrading & Enhancing

Provide opportunities for members to advance professionally through seminars, luncheons, and special conferences. Invite leading professionals to share knowledge, insights and successes

Making Connections

Help members develop a broad network of contacts to enhance careers, start businesses and seek opportunities in new areas of interest

Building the Future
Supporting & Developing Future Leaders

Assist and mentor men and women of faith, character and professional ability who will become outstanding future leaders. Identify internships and job opportunities, provide scholarships, and guide young professionals in choosing and preparing for successful careers

Serving our Community
Strengthening Families & Serving Communities in Taiwan

Organize service activities and projects to support the growth of BYUMS in Taiwan. Contribute financially to activities and programs that strengthen families and communities

What Do We Do?

1. Business Presentations:
Invite professionals to give presentations about the business environment, new developments and other areas of interest. Since August, 2019, we have held 63 sessions and have planned to do 80 sessions by the end of 2021, with 1/4 of the speakers from outside, including from BYU directly. See: https://www.facebook.com/byumstw/live

2. Learning and Development:
To develop management and technical courses, online classes, orientation of selected websites, roadmap for technical skills and book club to help members learn and develop job skills

3. Launching Leaders:
As one of the courses in Marriott School of Management, we assist students to identify aptitudes, strengths and areas for development. Through a hands-on approach, students develop goals and action plans to help them launch successful careers

So far we had completed 7 courses in English with over 80 graduates. Currently we have started 3 courses in Mandarin and planed to launch it to the public

4. Micro Start-up, Slash and Home-based Businesses:
We had done Slash and Home-based business exhibitions in four stakes as well as the Nov. 7 main exhibition in Taipei. It is designed mainly to help families to improve their financial situations in this pandemic and financial crisis. With an organization of the Micro Business Start-up and Home-based Business Committee, we shall continue this effort of help members to become financially self-reliant

5. External Exchange and Development:
(1) Facilitate bringing BYU programs, courses and activities to Taiwan (or to Asia when appropriate
(2) Connect with other Asian MS Chapters to exchange programs, activities and ideas
(3) Invite companies and outside organizations to join us and share programs and resources
(4) Invite corporate friends to join the BYU Connect and Handshakes platforms to facilitate job recruitment, on and off-campus internship opportunities and to participate in online Job Fairs at all BYU campuses

6. Membership and Services:
Our membership increased by 60% in 2020 and we expect a total membership of over 400 in 2021. This committee will continue to expand our service offering to attract more members, including many member-only programs

7. Charity Programs:
BYUMS Taiwan Chapter will coordinate with our community and other charity groups or organizations to participate in charitable events and activities that we may extend a helping hand to the poor and less privileged youth, single adults and even adults

8. BYUMS Asia Area Annual Conference:
BYUMS Taiwan Chapter has been assigned by BYUMS Asia to host the 2021 BYUMS Asia Area Conference. This Conference is scheduled to be held on November 12 and 13, 2021. It will also include an Asia Area Business Plan Competition

We are

A Non-profit Organization for business professionals

An Organization seeking ways to serve our communities

An Organization that promotes high business ethics

An Organization that develops young leaders 

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Philip Ho

President of Taiwan Chapter

Jui Chang Juan

Board Member

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