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25 abr 2024

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Working Together - Alan Mulally: The Principles, Practices, and Connected Culture of Love By Design

The Phoenix Chapter is hosting this must see event - As the scope of Alan Mulally’s service grew at Boeing and then later at Ford, he developed and continued to refine his “Working Together Management System”. This System proved to be a very reliable process with clear expected behaviors to manage organizations, and sustainably deliver value for the greater good in our rapidly changing world.

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Free Event

Virtual Event - Craig Jessop - Conducting the Tabernacle Choir - https://us06web.zoom.us/j/835455859

Free Event

Ethical Leadership in a Family Owned Business - A Presentation By Chelsea Minor Carbahal

Free Event

The Christ Centered Leader Model - Anthony Bates - zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82673144560

Paid Event

Feather River Temple Journey


Travis Kimball

Chapter Leader
Quick Quack Car Wash

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Chapter Secretary
Pacific Gas & Electric Company

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Chapter Treasurer
Comprehensive Medical Inc

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Chapter Vice-President

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Chapter Leader

Rick Collins

Managing Director & Chapter Pres.
OnCore Consulting, LLC

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