Annual Conference - LDS Business Network & YPA (Sponsored by BYU)

Jun 15, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

LDS Business Network & YPA Annual Conference - With Speakers from Merlin Entertainments, BBC's 'The One Show' and British Basketball & NBC Sports.

About this event

LDS Business Network & YPA


Saturday 15th June 2024
9.30am - 3.30pm 

Hyde Park Chapel, 64 - 68 Exhibition Road, Greater London, SW7 2PA

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Main Sessions:

- The Power of Purpose 
with Spencer Holt
Chief Experience & People Officer
Merlin Entertainments

- Gaining an Education & Career in Television
with Therese Grinceri
Journalist, Writer and Editorial Production
BBC's 'The One Show'

- Gaining an Education & Career in the Sports Industry
with Todd Harris
Host & Lead Announcer
British Basketball & NBC Sports

More of the day will include other session items including workshops on business development and entrepreneurship and networking sessions throughout the day

A free lunch is included with several mini-vignettes of upcoming initiatives and events for the year including opportunity for you to ask questions and express opinions.

No membership or entry fee is required or accepted. This conference will cover business and life topics with an LDS perspective and is appropriate for anyone -- LDS or not -- who would enjoy an informative and uplifting experience. For those who've never been - be uplifted, make contacts, learn something, and have a good time. Bring a friend. 



Saturday, June 15, 2024
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM UTC


  • Leighton Bascom

    London Past President & outgoing BYUMS UK Director

  • John Deighton

    AEOSAN Ltd

    Chapter Leader

  • Fabrizio Ricciardi

    BYUMS-UK National Mentor Leader

  • Leighton Bascom (London)

    Chapter Leader

  • Claire 'Fairy' Colston

    Author | Coach | Speaker & Nation'l BYUMS-UK Media

  • Sam Spoors

    BYUMS-UK National Young Professionals Leader

  • Ross Pooley

    BYUMS Leeds Ch. Pres. & BYUMS-UK Pathway Support

  • Janet Theodore

    BYUMS-UK Women's Forum Leader

  • richard hough

    BYUMS-UK National Networking Leader

  • Gerard Neu

    Onfido Ltd

    London Chapter - President and BYUMS-UK Director

  • Fiona Smith

    BYU Alumni Ad Hoc Committee Member

  • Jordon Lau

    Chapter Leader

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