BYUMS - UK and EUROPE CONFERENCE 2023, Sat. 10th June, Hyde Park Chapel, London

Hyde Park Chapel - 64 - 68 Exhibition Road Greater London, England, SW7 2PA - View Map London
Sat, Jun 10, 10:00 AM (BST)

BYU MANAGEMENT SOCIETY - UK and EUROPE CONFERENCE 2023 Sat. 10th June 2023, 10am -3.30pm at Hyde Park Chapel, 64-68 Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PA

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Main Sessions:

  •  Elder Mark G Stewart, Area Seventy, and in his personal life - Partner at Arcadis since 2008 leading energy transition in the world's leading company delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets.   

          Elder Stewart will speak to us with a question and answer discussion for a good part of the session.

  • President and Sister Thompson - England, London Mission President and wife, and owners of Scentsy (look them up).  Will touch on entrepreneurship of building a very large business and now mission life and related life experiences.
  • JD Payne, Screenwriter and most recently Showrunner of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - his experiences with a question and answer period.  

More of the day will include other main session items and workshops on  

  • Entrepreneurship - building a personal business, taking it to the next level and more.
  • Networking, building your personal networking, 
  • And active networking throughout the day.
  • with other 'life', vocational, and business skills explored - where more personal discussion may be had with experts on the day.
  • and not to be forgotten - a free lunch with several mini-vignettes of upcoming initiatives and events for the year including opportunity for you to ask questions and express opinions.

No membership or entry fee is required or accepted. This conference will cover business and life topics with an LDS perspective and is appropriate for anyone -- LDS or not -- who would enjoy an informative and uplifting experience. For those who've never been - be uplifted, make contacts, learn something, and have a good time. Bring a friend. 



Saturday, Jun 10
10:00 AM - 3:30 PM (BST)


Hyde Park Chapel
64 - 68 Exhibition Road Greater London, EnglandSW7 2PA


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