"Customers Only Want Two Things! Winning Loyal Customers" By Kevin R. Miller

Jul 6, 2021, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

"Customers Only Want Two Things! Winning Loyal Customers" By Kevin R. Miller London Chapter Tuesday, 6th July, 7.30pm (BST - even if it says otherwise elsewhere)

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Do you want to skyrocket your success this year? The answer is to create loyal, not merely satisfied customers and clients. Loyal customers help you stand out among your competitors. Loyal customers do at least four things:

They come back again and again

They typically buy more or use more of your services

They refer their friends and other associates

They offer their feedback and suggestions.

Learn concrete and useful tools winning loyalty in every interaction. Learn how to meet the two needs of all customers: 1) Solve my problem; 2) Leave me feeling great about the experience. (It is the second need where loyalty is won or lost.)

Course Objectives:

Learn the difference between loyal and satisfied customers and the four things loyal customers do that drive your success

Identify the basic two needs of every customer and ways to meet them

Find ways to deliver extraordinary service at every “point of impact”

Practice skills from a selection from the deck of 33 Hot Tip cards and other tools

Participate in the Q&A session

Don’t miss this event: it will be time very well spent for you and your team!


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