Meet and Do Business - Online ALL-UK BYUMS NATIONWIDE Networking Event (Late Registration)

Zoom networking meeting - Zoom details to be provided after you have signed up Online, Ok? - View Map London
Wed, Jan 20, 2021, 7:30 PM (GMT)

About this event

Meet and Do Business - Online ALL-UK BYUMS NATIONWIDE Networking Event

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU REGISTER TODAY, 20TH JAN, YOU WILL NEED TO ALSO SEND AN EMAIL TO to get your zoom details and be valid for attendance.  However, please do and see you this evening.  NO that no new signups will be accepted after 6.30pm on the 20th.

Join us for an online networking event - Wed, 20th Jan 2021 at 7.30pm.

After some introduction to the evening - There will be at least 3 breakout sessions with 6-8 individuals per session for some quality networking.

By registering, registrants MUST ACCEPT THAT ALL will receive a copy of the attendee list including email addresses.  So, further networking might be fostered by this activity.

Remember, networking is a mutually beneficial event.  So, every participant has something to potentially gain -

business, contacts, finding important industry information, employment opportunities, finding a mentor, etc


How’s it gonna happen -

TO SIGN UP - Each attendee must go Scroll down to Upcoming Event and click on the event. 

ALSO REQUEST - we also request that you REPLY ALSO BY EMAIL to tell us where you reside - your stake or town.  You will then be registered also with the BYUMS Chapter that covers your area.

If you have not already set up your new or renewed membership, you need to now. (Note that everyone needs to re-enroll as a member - unless you already did so in August 2020). So, click on 'Log in to Purchase Ticket' and you will be brought to Login where you will need to click to Create Account then you will be able to sign up to the event.

Either see the event on the resulting page after sign up, or go again to Click on the event, scroll down to 'Ticket Information' and book your space (no cost).


At this point, we will not set a maximum of attendees.   Breakout groups will be assigned on a random basis of up to 8 individuals per room repeated 3 times during the event.

There is no cost, but in signing up to the event,  you acknowledge that you allow your name, and email address to be made available to all attendees.

AS NOTED - IF IT WASN'T ALREADY CLEAR: YOU MUST SIGN UP TO BE A BYUMS MEMBER TO ATTEND THE FUNCTION - no BYU affiliation required - remember this is a business/service group. We have not requested this in the past, but we have a new structure and requirements. So, please help us out.

In the week prior to the event, we will send you secure Zoom video conferencing details for accessing the session.



Wednesday, Jan 20
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)


Zoom networking meeting
Zoom details to be provided after you have signed up OnlineOk?


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