Meet and Do Business - Online London BYUMS Networking Event

Aug 19, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Join us for an online networking event. Give your 1 minute 'tag line' to all attending, then from your pre-chosen preferences meet in an online breakout session with a group of 5 others (total 6) to discuss further with each other. Remember, networking is a mutually beneficial event. So, every participant has something to potentially gain. (See event description for further details - no cost!)

About this event

Join us for a London Chapter online networking event.

After a general introduction - every attendee will take 1 minute (strict) to give their own tag line – which should include:

a. Their name

b. Their 'tag line' or 'what they are about' - this is your opportunity to introduce you and what you do in brief.

c. The time limit of 1 minute will be quite strict. So, you will need to practice and may/will be stopped mid-stream if you go over.

Then, a 30 minute online breakout session with 5 other attendees for you to get to have a more in-depth discussion with persons you would like to speak to.

How’s it gonna happen -

TO SIGN UP - Each attendee must go Scroll down to Upcoming Event and click on the event.

If you have not already set up your new or renewed membership, you will need to now. (Note that everyone needs to re-enroll as a member). So, click on 'Log in to Purchase Ticket' and you will be brought to Login where you will need to click to Create Account then you will be able to sign up to the event.

Either see the event on the resulting page after sign up, or go again to Click on the event, scroll down to 'Ticket Information' and book your space (no cost).

Sorry - its a bit cumbersome, but it is all new to us too.

A maximum of 36 attendees will be allowed.

We will send back to you a copy of the attendee list after the deadline for sign-ups. You may know someone or two that you would like to meet and know more or you may look them up on LinkedIn or elsewhere and like to meet them. Then, you will be able send us back to give up to 3 preferences of individuals with whom you would like to meet in breakout sessions. We will make every effort to have you be able to have those 3 in your breakout session. If you don't return a preference list by the preference deadline (7th Aug), you will be assigned randomly to a breakout group.

There is no cost, but in signing up to the event, you acknowledge that you allow your name, and email address to be made available to all attendees.

AS NOTED: YOU MUST SIGN UP TO BE A BYUMS MEMBER TO ATTEND THE FUNCTION - no BYU affiliation required - remember this is a business/service group. We have not requested this in the past, but we have a new structure and requirements. So, please help us out.

In the week prior to the event, we will send you secure Zoom video conferencing details for accessing the session.

Remember, networking is a mutually beneficial event. So, you each have something to gain by being involved - business, contacts, finding important industry information, employment opportunities, finding a mentor, etc - even if it is just to have an interesting experience speaking with others of a like mind.

This is our first event specifically of this kind, and first use of our new website. We hope it will go well, but technical issues may try to mess us up - apologies for the inevitable.

NOTE: YOU MUST SIGN UP TO BE A BYUMS MEMBER TO ATTEND THE FUNCTION. We have not requested this in the past, but we have a new structure and requirements. So, please help us out.




Wednesday, August 19, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM UTC


  • Leighton Bascom

    London Past President & outgoing BYUMS UK Director

  • John Deighton

    AEOSAN Ltd

    Chapter Leader

  • Fabrizio Ricciardi

    BYUMS-UK National Mentor Leader

  • Leighton Bascom (London)

    Chapter Leader

  • Claire 'Fairy' Colston

    Author | Coach | Speaker & Nation'l BYUMS-UK Media

  • Sam Spoors

    BYUMS-UK National Young Professionals Leader

  • Ross Pooley

    BYUMS Leeds Ch. Pres. & BYUMS-UK Pathway Support

  • Janet Theodore

    BYUMS-UK Women's Forum Leader

  • richard hough

    BYUMS-UK National Networking Leader

  • Gerard Neu

    Onfido Ltd

    London Chapter - President and BYUMS-UK Director

  • Fiona Smith

    BYU Alumni Ad Hoc Committee Member

  • Jordon Lau

    Chapter Leader

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