Lessons from Adventure Racing with Jessica Evans

Finch & Gable Real Estate Co. - 9362 Grand Cordera Pkwy #100 Colorado Springs, 80924 - View Map U.S. - Colorado Springs
Thu, Jan 19, 11:45 AM (MST)

Please join us for networking, lunch, and a presentation from Jessica Evans, software support engineer, board member, National Champion adventure racer, and race director, about the lessons she has learned from years of designing, directing, and competing in adventure races.

About this event

We are pleased to host Jessica Evans on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at the offices of Finch & Gable Real Estate Co. Jessica is a SaaS Technical Support Engineer with Agilent Technologies. Outside of her work life, she is a volunteer board member for the Ohio-based river conservation group Little Miami Watershed Network (lmwn.org). She has been involved with this group since 2010, organizing river clean ups. In 2017, Jessica founded Athena Adventures, a non-profit recreation company, where she designs and directs 3 adventure races annually, which are included in the Rocky Mountain Adventure Series (RMAS; rockymountainadventureseries.com). In addition to designing and directing races, she creates the RMAS newsletter and supports other race directors at their races. She is also an adventure racer herself, participating in races as short as 6 hours and as long as 5 days. In 2017, she joined the 361 Adventures Chickpoints all female team at the USARA National Championships, where they won the first National Championship for all female teams. You can cheer for her this June as she races over 5 days across 325 miles of Pennsylvania wilderness with team Only MOSTLY Lost in the 2023 Endless Mountains Adventure Race.

 For a primer on adventure racing, watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=occW94DgWT4


Thursday, Jan 19
11:45 AM - 1:00 PM (MST)


Finch & Gable Real Estate Co.
9362 Grand Cordera Pkwy #100 Colorado Springs80924


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